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Our team is made up of well-trained and caring pet professionals.
Our team is made up of well-trained and caring pet professionals.

Dr. Martha Kehoe


Dr. Martha Kehoe grew up in Brevard County where she first began her career working with animals in 1987. First as a Veterinary Technician at the local emergency clinic, then in 2000 she graduated from The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. She met her husband, Sean in college and they have been happily married for 26 years. They have a daughter, Jacquelyn and 3 rescued dogs. Jo is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, Pete is a Chihuahua and their newest addition, Gigi, is a purebred mutt.

Sean Kehoe

Practice Manager

Originally from Massachusetts, Sean attended Florida Institute of Technology where he received a BA in Finance. His career path started in law enforcement but his lifelong dream was to own his own business. These days, he can be found doing just that in his role of Practice Manager, errand-runner (frequent lunch-provider), and master problem solver at Kehoe Animal Clinic.

Pets: Sean obviously has the same pets as Dr. Kehoe (although Jo considers herself almost entirely Sean’s dog and no one else’s!)

Interesting fact about Sean:
As a child, Sean had a pet goat named Bridgette that he took everywhere with him. He says Bridgette behaved more like a dog than a goat!


Vet Tech

Meet our Vet Tech Jackie!  Jackie was born in the Ukraine and moved to the United States in 2013, and enjoys spending time with her husband, watching TV, going to the beach, playing pool, and taking care of her plants.

What Is Jackie Passionate About?

“My job is my passion! I really enjoy working with animals and providing best care for them. As a veterinary technician. I have learned a lot about animals in period of 8 years of my experience. From trimming nails to monitoring anesthesia. I can say this job is rewarding with outcome of care and love! I am thankful for my mom Dr. Kehoe who has taught me of her knowledge in animal science.”

Interesting facts about Jackie:

“I speak Ukrainian, Russian, and English.”

Dr. Catie Russell-Ryan


Meet Associate Veterinarian Dr. Russell-Ryan! Originally from Ft. Worth Texas, Dr. Russell enjoys riding her horse. She compete in a sport called Eventing which includes dressage, show jumping and cross country jumping.

What is Dr. Russell Passionate About?

“Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Adoption”


5 cats: Grant, Arthur, Ike, Tyler, Lincoln
Labradoodle: Remington
Horse, Thoroughbred: Astounding Spirit

Interesting facts about Dr. Russell:

“I love acupuncture it’s so amazing and fixes so many problems.”


Meet our Reception and Office Manager Mindy! Born in Colorado Springs, CO, Mindy enjoys cooking and crafts with her daughter in her spare time!


A Belgian Malanois, Beta
A Hamster, Honey

An interesting fact about Mindy – she can’t swim!


Vet Tech

Meet our Vet Tech Michelle!  Borned and raised in Brevard County, Michelle enjoys creating diamond art and reading.

What is Michelle Passionate About?

“Animal Rescue”


2 dogs, Max and Gizmo
2 cats, Felix, Brandi

Interesting fact about Michelle:

“I was not born in a hospital.”


Vet Tech

Meet our Vet Tech Shayna!  Born in Arkansas, Shayna enjoys reading and anything art-related.

What is Shayna Passionate About?

“Animal Abuse and Disability Rights”

Shayna likes her job because she can help make a difference in the quality of life an animal may have.


Meet our Tech Assistant Jacqueline! Born in Queens, New York, Jacqueline enjoys playing pool in her spare time!

What is Jacqueline Passionate About?



2-year-old Yorkie/Chi Mix and an 8-month-old Yorkie.

Jacqueline loves her job because she can meet people from all aspects of life who all care about the same thing.


Meet our Vet Tech Lacie! Born in Virginia Beach, VA, Lacie enjoys reading a really good book in her spare time!


3 dogs, Porter, Li’l Sebastian, Archie

An interesting fact about Lacie – she wrote the first Large Animal Emergency Response Plan for the State of Florida!


Meet our Vet Tech Madison! Born Long Island, New York Madison enjoys hiking in her spare time!


Yorkie Maltese

Madison is passionate about:

“World hunger and saving the dolphins and sea turtles.”


Meet our Vet Tech Megan! Born in Titusville, FL Megan enjoys anything water related in her spare time!


Chocolate lab, Ashur

Megan loves seeing the difference we make in people’s and patients’ lives!


Born and raised in Brevard County, Meghan spent a year in Germany, and received a degree in Economics from DePauw University in Indiana. She then returned to Florida and bought a small horse farm in 2014. “My parents are the most supportive, hardworking people I know. They have always let me dream big dreams!” She grew up with a myriad of pets including hamsters, dogs, cats, sugar gliders, and countless (later released) backyard lizards. She helps manage the clinic website and troubleshoots technology issues whenever possible.

Pets: Piper, a young German Shorthaired pointer, adopted after having been hit by a car in Dec ’17 (she’s made an amazing recovery and is a “miracle pup”),

Interesting fact about Meghan: She’s the founder and co-owner of SwiftPaws, a local company that makes lure coursing equipment for pets (think a fake squirrel that runs around the backyard for your pup to chase!)